Colorado Water Congress (CWC) is a non-profit organization established in 1958. They serve as the principal voice of Colorado’s water community and provide leadership on key water resource issues. Through member forums and committees, the CWC provides strong leadership and thoughtful action to serve Colorado’s needs to manage, protect, conserve, and develop our most valuable natural resource. Since 1981 they’ve logged a success rate of 85% on state water-related legislation that the CWC has endorsed. It’s rare that a bill opposed by our membership is ever signed by a Colorado governor. Our voice carries all the way to Washington, D.C. as well, helping shape water-specific legislation at the federal level.

CWC COFWA team: Travis Smith voting, Keith McLaughlin

Colorado Timber Industry Association is the voice for Colorado’s forest products companies. Whether the issue is forest health, safety, management of national forests, state or national legislation, litigation, continuing education or public information and education, CTIA is there to advocate for members and for scientific, sustainable forest management.

CTIA COFWA team: Molly Pitts

CLUB 20 is an organization of counties, communities, businesses, individuals and associations in Western Colorado. The group is organized for the purpose of speaking with a single unified voice on issues of mutual concern. Its activities include marketing and advertising, public education, promotion, meetings, events and political action. Club 20 is the “Voice of the Western Slope”. Specifically Club 20 has public land / natural resource and water policy committees that discuss issues of concern and define proposed policy resolutions for Club 20.

CLUB 20 team: Cindy Dozier- voting, Nancy Fishering and Chris Treese

Watershed Health Investment Partners (WHIP) is an assembly of water providers located along the Front Range of Colorado that collectively serve drinking water to nearly 3.5 million customers along the Front Range, and irrigation water to over 120 ditch, reservoir and irrigation companies serving thousands of farms for the irrigation for more than 640,000 acres. These water supplies also support the environment and outdoor recreation in key parts of Colorado. Each member has an individual Memorandum of Understanding and funding agreement with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) to support the planning, permitting and implementation of forest treatments within priority watersheds across a variety of land ownerships. WHIP members include the City of Aurora – Water, Colorado Springs Utilities, Denver Water, and Northern Colorado Water Conservation District. Collectively, these partners fund over $5 million annually for watershed protection projects in Colorado.

WHIP COFWA Team: Mark Shea- voting, Mike McHugh, Christina Burri, and Eric Howell

Staff Consultants are non-voting TEAM MEMBERS to the COFWA effort including:

Rick Cables Consulting and Carol Ekarius