Statement of Purpose 

The members of the Colorado Forest & Water Alliance join together for mutual assistance in advocating at state and federal levels about policies, funding, and programs that support meaningful and measurable improvements in forest health and watershed resiliency benefitting Colorado.

Core Beliefs

  • The Colorado Forest & Water Alliance recognizes all Coloradans benefit from healthy forests and protected water resources.
  • Unhealthy forests represent a substantial environmental, economic, and social risk to urban and rural communities and to the 18 other states that rely on water from Colorado’s headwaters.
  • We recognize the need for leadership and coordination on a science-based, proactive, and collaborative approach to active forest management across all land ownership boundaries in the state.
  • The Colorado Forest & Water Alliance will identify and advocate for policies that we unanimously agree will benefit various interconnected forest/watershed health and water resources protection needs.


  • Must include both watershed and forest health
  • Both an urban and rural application
  • Advocacy
  • Have a clearly defined beneficial outcome
  • Not duplicative of other work already being done
  • Unanimous consent